El clima en Lima está un poco loco, hay sol un día y al siguiente esta nublado. Se supone que estamos en invierno pero hay días que el sol sale y alegra mi día un poco más, en especial en el colegio, o sino, me quedo dormida en plena clase. Un post muy cortito, pero es uno de los outfits que había estado planeando en postear. Mi camiseta es de Topshop, tiene un estampado tropical que he estado viendo mucho últimamente. El par de skorts son de Forever 21a al igual que las sandalias. La bolsa es de Michael Kors y las pulseras son de Tous y Black Vennet. Espero que les haya gustado.

Lima's weather is totally crazy, one day it's sunny and the next one it is cloudy. I'm in winter but the sun wants to shine and bright up my day a little, specially at school. Today's post is really short. I was planning to post this outfit long time ago. The shirt is from Topshop, it has a tropical print. I think this kind of print is trendy at the moment and i really like it. My skort is from Forever 21 as well as my shoes and my bag is from Michael Kors. Finally, the bracelets are from Tous and Black Vennet. Hope you liked it. 




The stuff of this two pictures are from Topshop. I got some random tops that i really liked at the store and new pair of jeans. The acid-washed jeans are boyfriend jeans and this ones are the only ones that fitted me in the entire world. I was looking for boyfriend jeans in different stores and all of them were so big. I'm so happy a find the correct ones. The other pair of jeans are an statement jean too i think they are called ''mom jeans''. Let me tell you is totally true, is something a mom would wear haha. 

Then i got some stuff from Urban Outfiters as well. I got the famous with crop top with lace at the end and some high waited shorts with lace too. Also, the so hipster ''It'' by Alexa Chung and a new pair of sun glasses and regular glasses. I think my normal glasses are made of wood! They are from a brand called Tortoise & Blonde, i totally recommend this brand i'll link the page here: TORTOISE & BLONDE they are from their new collection. (not sponsoring) 

From H&M i got a few really good deal thing. Two skirts with different textures, two crop tops and two necklaces. 

Forever 21 was my hotel. I got so many stuff from there so i'm going to show you just my favorite things. I got a bunch of new shorts and a new navy blue skort. The kimono is my obsession and the dresses are pretty. I know i'll have to wait for summer or spring of 2015 to wear this, but anyway… I think the most of the stuff i got are basic things that i can have for years. 

 I went to a store i've never heard before until i got in. It's called UNIQLO. They have really cute stuff so i got a navy blue blazer (current favorite thing) and a sport navy blue jacket.

Finally i went a little time to Walgreens and got some drugstore makeup. In Sephora i was like crazy but i couldn't afford everything so i chose the Naked 2 pallet from Urban Decay as well as the Naked Basics pallet and the Primer Potion. Also, i'm obsessed with Divergent and i was looking for the entire makeup collection but they only had the nail polishes and i got it! Finally, a foundation, the BARESKIN, from Bare Minerals. Omg this stuff is like magic! It's one of my favorite thing ever. It's so light and covers my ''imperfections'' so well… Love it!

To close with a high note, finally got the majestic and fabulous Chanel number 5 perfume! It was my dream since last year. It's smells like a NYC independent and mature woman haha. I went to the Chanel boutique and everything was so fancy (i was so freaking exited) And the Daisy by Marc Jacobs, the bottle is the cutest one and smells like fresh and happiness. 

Hope you guys enjoy! Most of the stuff is at stores. 




I really wanted a pair of ''cut out boots'' a long time ago. And i finally found them at Topshop. I think the quality is not the best for the price they offered but they are so easy to combine and they are trendy every season so i just couldn't handle it. 

I got this black classy sandals from Forever 21. I absolutely love them! I was looking for this type of sandals in Peru but i didn't like the ones i saw. I think the belts each side are my favorite and they give them a really good looking.

Then, i had to buy this really cute little flats from Bloch, that is a ballet shoe brand too (my ballet shoes are also Bloch) so i thought they would be a really good quality and i needed a pair of black flats. 

Lovely chunky boots! I finally have them in my hands. This babies were from Topshop. They are so trendy and they look like a Jeffrey Cambell shoe. But let me tell you they have a seam inside and each side of the shoe and that really hurts and even makes wounds so you should wear this shoes with a pair of cute socks. 

Dr Martens! A new pair of this ''hipster style'' boots in my closet. I decided to buy them in maroon or dark red because i really like this color and how it looks with flannels and denim. They are soo easy to combine as well and they are really comfy.

Finally, one of the last days i got my Michel Kors bag and wristlet. Actually, i was looking for the Medium selma bag but it was so small so i went for this one that is the Saffiano Medium Satchel it was a lot more cheaper than the Selma and all of my stuff goes inside really well. The wristlet, the large multifunctional phone case is basically a wallet were you can put your phone inside. I thought it was really cool so i got it as well. 

That is the stuff i'm going to show today, stay tune for more!